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Products Engineered to Fit Your Packaging Needs

We take pride in ensuring your product makes it safely to your customers, and it all starts in our engineering lab. Here, we have all the critical tools to design the right style, strength and size of packaging no matter the product or destination. We know what works in retail, and we specialize in packaging that attracts attention, maximizes storage and protects the integrity of your product, all while minimizing cost and time to market.

Packaging Optimization & Redesign Benefits

  • Cost savings by reducing packaging material
  • Reduce shipping costs by optimizing box sizes for dimensional weight
  • Lower freight costs by properly cubing out pallets
  • Reduce labor costs with efficient packaging assembly
  • Increase consumer satisfaction with frustration-free packaging
  • Solve ergonomic problems with existing packaging redesign
  • Consolidate number of SKUs to reduce overhead and increase order efficiency

ISTA Testing

Packaging Built to Perform

Need to feel secure that your packaging is built to withstand any condition? With our ISTA-certified testing lab, we can make sure your packaging will properly protect your product and do its job. Once our engineers redesign your packaging, we test it in a controlled environment that simulates actual shipping conditions. These industry standard tests document your product performance and ensure it ends up in your customer’s hands unharmed. Following ISTA procedures and protocols we can conduct the following tests: 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1G, 1H, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 3A and 3E. We can also follow customer-requested test parameters or specifications.

State-of-the-Art Testing Laboratory

Our testing laboratory is fully equipped for any size container or pallet with the following testing equipment:
  • Hydraulic Vibration Table
  • Rotary Vibration Table
  • Two Drop Testers
  • Quick Release Hook
  • Accelerometers and
  • Incline Impact Tester
Once a container is fully tested, we provide the findings in a report that can be electronically transmitted and filtered on any number of data points.

Digital Print & Graphics

Keep Your Brand at the Top of Customers' Minds

Your packaging and branding is your face to the public, and what better way to keep your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds than with custom printed packaging from Carolina Container. Our in-house graphic design team works alongside our packaging engineers to provide our customers with a full-service packaging development program. On top of that, our internalized prepress enables customer support, from graphic design through final production-ready print plates. Depending on your graphic workflow needs, we interact directly with your creative team, marketing staff or designated partner agencies. No existing artwork? Don’t worry. Our graphic designers have years of experience designing eye-catching artwork for a variety of end users and packaging types, including retail ready, business-to-business containers, point-of-purchase displays and point-of-sale packaging.


Getting to the retail floor can be a complicated process during which you’ll need guidance. One way we help you stay out in front and guarantee quality is by prototyping.

Short Run On-Demand Packaging with Zero Tooling Costs

Once your artwork is set, we can digitally produce either short run or one-off prototypes of your new artwork. Our high-resolution digital printers provide outstanding quality output for corporate showrooms, Plan-O-Grams, test marketing, trade shows and sales and marketing presentations.

Digital Sampling

With digital printing and cutting, speed, quality and low cost go hand in hand. Before you pay for an entire run, we’ll build a single display for you and the corporate buyer to inspect and approve at no charge.

Digital Impact – Test Marketing

Test market your campaign by running a limited number of displays in a few stores first to track performance and hone strategy.

Supply Chain & Fulfillment

Let's Make It Happen

Let us make your next packaging, retail or promotional project easier with custom fulfillment and supply chain solutions designed specifically for your packaging needs. Our goal is to make it easier for you to do business, so let us worry about the logistics and warehousing. We have warehouses strategically located to support all types of warehouse program needs. No space? No problem. We can deliver multiple times per day with smaller deliveries. Need a custom warehouse operations audit? Let our supply chain experts take a look and perform an audit of your warehouse and offer a plan to optimize your packaging space. Carolina Container's supply chain services include kanban programs, smaller delivery quantities and the use of our proprietary ordering tool. We want you to focus on your product and let us take care of the packaging for you.  

Fulfillment Services

Carolina Container's custom fulfillment services include custom kitting, package assembly, display assembly and more. We have safe product storage, so we can assemble your display and pack it with your product to be delivered to distribution centers or directly to your customer. We offer variable shipping services for individual shipping destinations, as well.

Customer Web Portal

Gain Greater Insights into the Packaging Process

With the user-friendly Customer Web Portal, you can streamline the design, packaging development, ordering and fulfillment processes while also viewing PDF engineering drawings, placing orders online and analyzing ordering trends. Carolina Container's Customer Web Portal enables you to have greater visibility and control at each phase of the project, from the very beginning to the very end. Once your project is complete and you are ready to order, Carolina Container provides a secure customer eCommerce platform to manage all of your packaging information. The customer portal gives you a more hands-on approach to ordering with full visibility into past and current orders. Link your data processing systems more efficiently and flexibly for a full 360-degree view. Recognized as a leader in ebusiness, Carolina Container is committed to providing you with the latest web-based technologies to keep you on the cutting edge of packaging.

Greater Visibility & Control

Use the Customer Web Portal for the following:
  • View scheduled deliveries
  • Place orders with ease through our Rapid Reorder feature
  • View and manipulate engineering documents in PDF format
  • Analyze your product mix
  • View item trends
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Upload art files


We understand that building sustainable packaging is as important to you as it is to us.

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