Protective Packaging

Trust Carolina Container to protect what matters to you with our custom protective packaging products that are guaranteed to get your products safely from Point A to Point B.

There is No Such Thing as a Standard Protective Packaging Job

From oversized machine components to delicate electronics and complex assemblies, no two protective packaging jobs are ever the same. No matter the product, one thing is always common; an undamaged product needs to arrive.

Using a combination of corrugated, wood, foams and other protective materials, we are able to give our customers creative and cost-efficient packaging solutions developed just for their product.

Wood Crates & Pallets:

  • KD Assemblies
  • Reusable Crates
  • Shock Absorption Mounts & Skids
  • Cushion Pallets & Skid Mates
  • Steel Reinforcement Capabilities
  • Foam Inserts for Positioning or Cushioning
  • Custom Hardware – Hinges, Locks
  • Built-in Doors or Ramps

Foam Fabrication:

  • Custom Inserts – Protection & Positioning
  • End Caps
  • Cushion Pallets
  • Foam Assemblies
  • Thermal Packaging Solutions

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Additional Capabilities:

  • Pelican Cases™
  • Thermoforming
  • Molded Plastic Containers
  • Korrvu™ Suspension & Retention
  • Coolers & Gel Packs
  • Molded Pulp
  • Edge Protectors
  • Moisture Barrier Bags
  • Bubble Wrap & Air Filled Dunnage
  • Static Shield Bags
  • Ammo Cans

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