Consumer Goods

No matter the product or challenge, you can count on Carolina Container for creative, cost-saving and protective consumer packaging.

Consumer Product Packaging

Protect & Promote Your Products

At Carolina Container, we understand that promoting and protecting your products at the same time can be a challenge. That is why we have a team of highly experienced product engineers and graphic designers on staff to make sure your product ends up in front of your customers just as you intended.

Starting with the protection side, we have your consumer goods covered. Our creative engineers will create several eye-catching packaging designs that are sure to both protect your package as well as attract your customers’ attention. We can also test your new packaging in our ISTA testing lab to ensure it will stand up to variable shipping conditions.

The second key role your consumer packaging must play is being your company’s brand ambassador while on the store shelf. We can help by working with your graphics and marketing teams to find the best print solution for what you’re trying to achieve. Depending on your product’s retail space, we can help guide you to the right print solution – high quality litho labels, up to 4-color flexo printing or state-of-the-art digital printing.

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