Electronics and OEMs

Give yourself the peace of mind that your sensitive electronics will arrive undamaged to your customers with Carolina Container packaging.

Electronics Packaging

Highly Protective Packaging for Your High-Value Electronics

Finding the right mix of experience, manufacturing capabilities and innovative support in a packaging supplier whom you trust with your products can be a daunting task. That’s where Carolina Container comes in.

We provide electronics companies with the peace of mind that their circuit boards, semiconductors, electronic displays, or any other highly critical and delicate product will arrive undamaged. This security comes from our years of experience designing and manufacturing highly protective packaging. We use a range of protective materials to protect your products; these include a variety of woods, foams, plastics and corrugated.

Unique to the electronics industry is the concern of electro static discharge (ESD) during the shipping process. If not properly protected against, this invisible problem will ruin your electrics before they arrive to your customers. Our team of certified packaging engineers and designers understand the real threat ESD poses, and how to protect against it during shipping.

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