When it comes to packaging for the aerospace industry, Carolina Container understands that failure is not an option.

Packaging for the Aerospace Industry

When Failure Is Not an Option

Our team understands the mission-critical nature of your products. That is why our job of getting your products safely to your customers is extremely critical, too.

With the wide range of sizes, weights and product shapes in the aerospace industry, we know that no two packaging jobs are ever the same. Our team of certified packaging engineers and designers are ready to take on any challenge by utilizing a variety of protective materials, including custom vibration control shocks and supports, blocks and braces and even ramps or locks.

Whatever the nature of your products, we can provide on-site custom crating and rigging services to get even the largest and heaviest products safely around the globe. For smaller products, we can provide custom sized crates, pallets, foam caps or any combination for you to pack your product out. Understanding that packaging can take up your warehouse space, we offer custom warehousing programs designed around your unique supply chain needs.

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